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A better internet experience.

It's hard to enjoy web pages as you used to. The constant stream of irrelevant pop-up messages, video clips and animations steals both time and focus. That's why we invented a service that gives the best experience to both consumers and content creators.

Get rid of ads by simply buying the space yourself!

It's all automatic and happens in the background without you having to do anything. If you think this sounds like a great idea why not request an invite for early access to our beta testing program below.

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The main benefits using Coppermist

  • The coppermist service works in any browser on any device. Your computer, your phone, your tablet, even your TV. And no software installation is required.

  • You are supporting quality content by paying the publisher the same amount they would have received by showing ads. Real news cost real money!

  • No site will ask you to disable your adblocker, or worse, block access to their content. Coppermist is a publisher approved service.

It's easy to get started

Currently the service is only open to specially invited testers, but once we launch officially it will be as simple as 1-2-3. Even simpler in fact:

  1. for a Coppermist account

  2. your internet experience

It's flexible too

The Coppermist service works with all your favorite browsers (and the ones you don't like as well). This means that you may continue to browse the web, like you always do, just getting a better experience.

What does it cost?

There are two ways to pay for your Coppermist service.

Option 1: Site bundles.
We bundle the most popular sites together and let you pay a fixed fee to get those sites free from advertising during a specific period. You choose whether to purchase the bundle once, or have it automatically renew itself once the time is up.

Option 2: Pay as you go.
With the pay as you go option, there is no fixed fee to use the Coppermist service. You only pay for the ads that are removed. The cost is deducted from the balance of your Coppermist account and when your funds are depleted you will have to top-up again to continue to use the service.

Remember there are never any nasty contracts and the service can never cost more than the amount you have deposited into your account and can be cancelled at any time (but why would you want that?).

Anything else you want to know?

Check out our Q&A section, and we're sure we can get you going in no time!
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